Healthy Food Haul

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Food is important to us at Delta Labs. We don't only view it as the fuel to keep us going, because the girls of Delta Labs love to eat.  We want to eat healthy, but its important to us that the food we eat to taste great, as well. 

 See what we picked up at the food store in our healthy food haul video!



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Are you looking for a safe and clinically proven approach to natural weight loss? 

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Delta Labs Green Tea+ is fortified with a high potency appetite control blend from nature's richest fruits and maritime delights, including Raspberry Ketones, Grape Seed Extract, and Green Coffee Bean.  


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Giveaway & Coupon Code!

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Are you looking to lose the stubborn baby weight? Are you looking to get stronger nails? Longer, shiney hair? Younger looking skin?

See what Lora from LoraAndLayton has to say about our products.

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Before Your Wedding

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Avoid Extreme Dieting Before Your Wedding



Extreme dieting is never a good way to lose weight. Extreme diets involve severely

restricting your calorie intake, and this can leave your body deprived of essential nutrients

and make you feel lethargic. Yet, despite the potential problems associated with extreme

diets, many women use them to lose weight quickly in order to fit into their wedding dress.

Women are under a great deal of pressure to be slim anyway, but this pressure seems

to intensify before a wedding.




Women put pressure on themselves to lose weight for the sake

of their wedding photos and this attitude is usually reinforced by friends and relatives.

There seems to be an assumption that the thinner you are, the more attractive it makes you

and so even women who are a healthy weight can find themselves preoccupied with losing

a few pounds. It can help to have a goal and knowing that your big day is coming up is one

way to motivate yourself to lose weight, but if you develop unrealistic expectations you will

simply end up stressed and anxious as you prepare for what should be one of the happiest

days of your life. How can you look forward to your upcoming nuptials if you have very little

energy to do anything? You may end up neglecting the very person you intend to marry just

so you can get to the gym.


The trouble is that when it comes to losing weight before a wedding, there is very little

emphasis on eating well and exercising regularly in order to feel healthier and happier in

yourself. Instead, the focus is on achieving dramatic weight loss. Every woman wants to walk

down the aisle looking her best, but you don’t have to be stick-thin to look good. If you’re

overweight and need to lose weight there are plenty of weight-loss plans which are not too

extreme and that you can continue to follow after the honeymoon. Sticking to an extreme

diet might help you shed lots of weight quickly, but what happens when you come off it? If

you’re simply going to regain all the weight you lost, it is a waste of time.


There is nothing wrong with trying to lose weight if you feel you need to, but why make

yourself feel bad by striving to fit into a dress that you have pre-ordered two sizes too small

in the hopes that you will manage to reach your weight-loss goal in time? Your wedding

should be a special day and however much you weigh, nothing is going to change the fact

that you’re making a lifetime commitment to the person you love most and who loves you for

being you. There is no point making yourself ill just so you can say you lost weight for your

wedding day, especially as, in the long run, it’s your overall well-being that matters most.








Gluten Free Chicken Bacon Cheddar Quesadilla

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Gluten-Free Recipes: Chicken Bacon Cheddar Quesadillas

are a great meal for any family or party.

Ingredients Used:
2 Chicken breasts, sliced
1/4 Red Onion, diced
3 Slices of Nitrate Free Bacon
1/3c Shredded Cheddar Cheese [make sure it's Gluten-free]
Brown Rice Tortilla

Place all ingredients on one side of tortilla
Fold in half
Place on Panini Press or on stove top in a frying pan
Cook until cheese has melted and tortilla is crispy and slightly browned


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