Founder Message

Dear Friends,

My name is Debbie Morgan, and I’m the founder and President of Delta Labs.

I have always believed that my calling in life is to help others.

When I became pregnant with my third child in 1997, like all women, I wanted to choose the best prenatal multivitamin for my baby’s health.

As I started looking for that perfect prenatal, I wasn’t happy with the selection available. And like many women, I settled on the best I could find. Having to “settle” though didn’t feel right, and I knew other women didn’t feel right about settling either. It bothered me enough to spark the first thoughts of establishing my own health and wellness company.

But like many moms, life gets busy and dreams get put on hold. That is until I stumbled upon an unexpected breakthrough…

In 2004, my Mother-in-Law began suffering from the debilitating effects of Hormone Replacement Therapy. Being so close to her, it was hurtful to watch, and even more difficult thinking I couldn’t help. Yet it was during this time I that uncovered a very curious fact.

Women in Japan don’t have a word for “menopause.” In fact, Japanese women don’t experience the severity, if any, of the symptoms that U.S. and Western women do. And it was all because of a little known, all natural source of food they were consuming – Rice Bran oil.

I knew I had uncovered the key to helping her, and Femestra™ was born.

It was then, when I started receiving hundreds of “thank you” letters from women, that I realized I was changing lives in a positive way. And I finally had the resources to help others in the way I had always dreamed.

In 2010, Delta Labs was born. And today, we offer a complete line of women’s health and wellness formulas – and yes, that includes our exclusive, doctor-recommended Prenatal Multivitamin!

We’re a company that’s about you, above all else. I believe every woman should feel renewed, empowered, and excited about life. I don’t believe you should ever have to feel like you have to “settle,” especially when it comes to your health. And I believe we’re achieving that goal at Delta Labs by developing the best health and wellness formulas for women based on real scientific research.

As a mother of three and business woman today, life is moving pretty fast! Yet the products I’ve created at Delta Labs have helped me stay centered, healthy, and connected with what’s truly important in life. And I want to help you to feel the same.

All the Best,

Debbie Morgan,
Mother, Founder & President